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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?

petra Hartt

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    TransLink is currently leading a study to determine the best approach to deliver high-capacity, fast, frequent, and reliable rapid transit for the Broadway Corridor from Commercial Drive to UBC. A number of technologies and alignment options are being considered, including rail rapid transit (e.g. SkyTrain), surface light rail transit, and bus rapid transit.

    The City of Vancouver is directly involved as a partner agency in the study. In April 2010, City Council endorsed ten principles to guide City input into this process (http://vancouver/ubcline/principles).

    Visit to learn more about this work, including upcoming public engagement events.

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    petra Hartt commented  · 

    with 6 buslines, 2 fast ones, going west from cambie and br way???????how much faster did u plan on going??

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