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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?

Drew Snider

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    This is a great idea, but outside the city’s jurisdiction. This is something TransLink could consider, perhaps in conjunction with the SmartCard rollout expected in 2013, which will enable new and more equitable pricing schemes.

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    Drew Snider commented  · 

    That's what our SmartCard/Faregate project is about: making a more reasonable fare structure. Thing is, we already offer no fewer than 20 different types of fares -- counting monthly FareCards, BC Government-issued passes, DayPasses and plain old buy-from-the-cashbox transfers. That's a lot for our staff to try to keep track of. Don't forget, too, that Berlin and New York are JUST a bit bigger than Metro Vancouver (last I checked, we have about the same population as just one of NYC's five boroughs -- Brooklyn). When I was in NY 3 years ago, I paid $21 (US) for a 7-day unlmited-ride MetroPass. A great deal, but I'd suggest that economy-of-scale helps keep the price down. I didn't see the ref. to the "after 10am" pass on the Berlin transit website, but I did see that a full day pass to cover the entire service area -- all 3 zones -- is 19 Euros. We charge $9 for a DayPass. So while we're certainly looking at a more efficient fare structure, there are fare options like DayPasses, FareSavers and (tax deductible!) FareCards that are very convenient.

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