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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?

accident survivor, pro-helmet

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    accident survivor, pro-helmet commented  · 

    This is the worst idea I can imagine!!

    The goal of this forum - I'm pretty sure - is to make Vancouver more green.

    How many people don't ride because "the man" says they have to wear a helmet? Seriously? That makes no sense. "I'd ride, but the helmet ruins my hair"? "I'd ride, but I don't want the state dictating what I put on my head"?

    Get over yourselves! Helmets save lives. What's the big fricking deal in wearing one?

    I've survived two bicycle accidents in Vancouver, with cars who didn't see me, and my helmet(s) cracked and saved my life. Anyone who says they don't work is ignoring reality...or perhaps suffering the consequences of helmet-free accidents.

    Repealing helmet legislation will do nothing to make the city more green. Next!

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