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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?


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    MaryEllen commented  · 

    @neil21 You mentioned that seatbelts stop your body moving, well helmets stop your brain moving by absorbing the energy from the object you're hitting! And, the helmet-band on the's a right of passage! Or maybe, the helmet is too tight =D

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    MaryEllen commented  · 

    Why is the City of Vancouver even discussing this? There were apparently 22 cyclists killed in Vancouver since January 2010! Keep the Helmet Law for cyclists in the Province of BC. Let's go further...let's have a helmet law for small-wheeled vehicles on streets, i.e. skaters/scooters. I wear my helmet and I don't even notice that I have it on. Or maybe you want "just kids" to be the only ones who are mandated to wear helmets, like in Ontario. We're not Denmark or the Netherlands, we live in N.A.....a car culture. Wearing helmets is a lifesaving move. You might even save your own life! If you want to go greener in Vancouver, then try getting more electric cars on the road. That will reduce pollution! A definite no to repeal mandatory bike helmet legislation in BC. I can't believe were talking about this again. Last week, they were talking about repealing the helmet law in Ontario, which is just for those under 18 years old. I guess the thought is that when you're older than 18 you will never make a mistake or someone in a car will see that you're over 18 and be extra careful because you don't have to wear a helmet! Who knew!

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