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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?


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    Hamdog commented  · 

    People that ride bikes downtown don't even wear helmets anyways and this "law" is never enforced. Cyclists in this city don't even follows the rude of the road. If you want this city to be a greener city it doesn't start with forcing the "average" person to do anything. It starts with forcing the big boys to go green. We also need to actually reward people for being green in this city, not forcing them to ride a bike–which sucks.
    I think this city rips us off. The parking prices are ridiculous, the transit costs blow, and it's so expensive to live in the city the people that ride in the city can only afford a bike. I'd like to see someone ride a bike from Mapleridge. How about this, stop importing junk from China, have things here made in Canada, and how about rewarding people that drive electric cars and hybrids with free/cheaper parking in the city. That'd be a better start then a dumb helmet law.

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