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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?


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    Low footprint food choices are not the same as vegan food choices in all cases, the analysis is more complex than this. Generally a low footprint diet is local, seasonal food, and limits consumption of red meat, dairy, and some grains. Low footprint food choices are included in the draft Greenest City Action Plan and will be discussed through community engagement activities.

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    PK commented  · 

    In our cities, we could plant fruit trees along rivers and in parks instead of maple trees and other exotic plants that irritate allergies. These would not require much more maintainance than than the gardens that already exists. Homeless people would have free food and it is a healthy alternative to the ice cream truck for visitors.
    In the 1900s, the British planted fruit trees along the river to help sailors who suffered with scurvy. The also planted lime trees in their colonies for sailor's benefit. These fruit trees were also a source of free food for poor people.
    In Peace, PK

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