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How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?


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    bike-chik-nik commented  · 

    I only wear a helmet in the winter. Why? To keep my rain-hood snug on my head so that it doesn't get cold and wet. I also put lights on my helmet rather than my bike so they don't get stolen. These are the only reasons I wear a helmet. I never wear a helmet in the summer. Cracking down on helmet-free cyclists is pointless.

    Thank you to all the drivers and cyclists who warn cyclists about cops on bike routes ticketing the helmet-free. Keep spreading the word when you see cops harrassing cyclists like this. (And a big middle finger to all you helmet nazis out there!) And thank you to all cyclists who ride in solidarity with the helmet-free. The more helmet-free there are on the roads, the less the cops will bother wasting their time ticketing us.

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