How can we reach our 2020
Greenest City Targets?

How can we reach our 2020 Greenest City targets?

Create program for low-income individuals to weatherize existing buildings

Create incentives as well as training program for low income / marginalized individuals to weatherize existing buildings.

Weatherizing (caulking and weather stripping gaps in walls, win­dows, doors, roof, and floors) is a simple and affordable energy conservation solution that makes a HUGE difference, often with a payback of less than year. There are many existing buildings in Vancouver that are poorly performing due to a lack of weather-proofing.

Think of all the green jobs we could create if people were trained in how to do this, and there were incentives make it easier to implement.

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    Pleased to report that as of September 2010 the City is partnering on a home weatherization pilot program. Through a partnership with a DTES not-for-profit, a crew of under-employed people were trained in residential air sealing. For the pilot, the crew will air seal 40 homes and test the before and after air-leakage rates, and corresponding energy efficiency improvement that results from the work. The results of testing the 40 pilot homes will prove the ongoing value of air sealing services in Vancouver. The program will provide training to unemployed citizens, create new green jobs, help build a case for weatherization incentives, and reduce the GHGs associated with homes in Vancouver.

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    Here's the video for this idea:

    And the photos:

    This idea was developed within a breakout group on Sept 17, 2010 at the Design Nerd Jam 4.4 Greenest City event, hosted by the Vancouver Design Nerds, with food sponsored by the City of Vancouver.

    More info on VDN:

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